​News Update About Electronic Case Filing in Kane County

Electronic Case Filing is now active in Kane County for "L", "CH" and "AR" case types and fully integrated with the Odyssey case management system.

Illinois Courts have established a deadline of January 1, 2018 to completely adopt electronic civil case filing.

Attorney Information

For e-Filing in Kane County, it is imperative that you are registered in our Odyssey system otherwise your filing will not go thru the process. To register, please fill out and send in the form CS-002-E from our website. These may be faxed to 630-208-2172 also.

While your ARDC number is seven (7) digits long, our system has them as eight (8) digits.

(Please use a leading zero (0) as needed to make it be 8 digits.)

Filing Tips

  • Exhibits and attachments are to be scanned behind the document that references them and not sent in separately.
  • Make sure that there are no blank pages in the document prior to submitting and that all pages are facing the same way.
  • All documents to be file stamped are to be a separate document, however these can be in the same envelope using the “add another filing” button.

Your choice of several e-Filing service providers

A growing number of electronic filing service providers (EFSPs) have obtained certification from the Illinois Courts to provide electronic case filing in Illinois. Click this link to view and choose from the current list of certified eFileIL providers. Each is designed to integrate with Kane County's Odyssey case management system. Click Here To View EFSPs