​​COVID-19 Process for Order of Protection

We are providing access to our forms online to expedite the time that you will need to be at the courthouse.  These case are still being heard by the Courts on a Daily Basis. 

You can fill out the form online then print them after they are completed. 

You can bring the paper documents to the court and get your case number once you have arrived at court.  You may also file your petitions electronically by using eFileIL.  If you electronically file them you will get your case number back for the Order and the Summons.  You will need to take the Completed Order and Summons with you to the Courts.  Please bring a copy of your petition with you to the court, and make additional copies of the orders so that clerk can create a certified copy for you.  ​

Please find the forms below for the Protection Orders –

Order of Protection Packet (petition, order and summons)
Petition for Order of Protection
Summons for Order of Protection
Order for Order of Protection
Petition for Civil No Contact
Summons for Civil No Contact
Order for Civil No Contact
Petition for Stalking No Contact
Summons for Stalking No Contact
Order for Stalking No Contact ​