​​​​​​​Web Site Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Web Disclaimer
Kane County Circuit Clerk is committed to preserving your privacy and security while viewing our website at www.cic.co.kane.il.us. This policy addresses the following privacy and security practices during your visit to the County's website.
  1. What is automatically collected online
  2. Why the information is collected
  3. How the information will be utilized
  4. Choices on how we use the information you provide
  5. Cookies and other tracking devices
  6. What security measure have been implemented
  7. What is being monitored
  8. Methods for securing your information
  9. Your rights under the Privacy Act of 1974
This Privacy Policy and Web Disclaimer explains the information contained herein regarding our online practices only; and, does not apply to non-county websites that you may visit from this website. You are encouraged to review the Privacy Policy and Web Disclaimer in order to learn how the information is collected and utilized.
What We Automatically Collect Online
We collect information about your visit in order to better serve you in the future. The information that we collect does not personally identify you. We can tell the computer, browser, and web service that you are utilizing. In addition, the date, time, and pages that you visit are collected. If a known security or virus threat should occur, we may collect information regarding the web content that you have viewed.
We may also collect information that you provide us when utilizing interactive forms and functions. This information may include such things as name, address, telephone number, and other personal, and business data.
At any time when assessing our site(s), any user while online may "opt-out" of further Email contact from us (while still allowing access to our sites). For further information about opting-out, contact us at the Email address or postal address located under Site Comments.
Why We Collect Information
Our principal purpose for collecting personal information online is to provide you with a better online experience, as well as to address security and virus concerns. We collect information to:
  1. Respond to your concerns
  2. Reply to your Feedback Comments
  3. Manage your access to restricted areas of the Website
  4. Monitor website activity that is visited
  5. Fulfill requests for reports and other similar information
  6. Register you for a member account
Disclosure Information
Kane County may share personally identifiable information you provide to us online with representatives within the County of Kane's Administration and related entities, other government agencies, or other named representatives as needed to speed your request or transaction. In a government-wide effort to combat security and virus threats, we may share some information we collect automatically, such as IP addresses, with other government agencies.
Also, the law may require us to share collected information with authorized law enforcement, homeland security, and the national security activities. See the Privacy Act of 1974 below. We do, however, endeavor to restrict employee access to any personal information except where necessary to perform required duties.
Cookies or Other Tracking Devices
A "Cookie" is a small text file stored on your computer that makes it easy for you to move around a website without continually re-entering your name, password, and/or preferences. We do not use cookies to record any personal information. Cookies are used by some County web applications to pass needed information from one page to the next. Rejecting a cookie in these applications may render the application useless.
Methods of Securing Your Information
Properly securing the information we collect online is a primary commitment. To help us accomplish this, we take the following steps to:
Employ internal access controls to ensure the only people who see your information are those with a need to do so to perform their official duties;
Train relevant personnel on our privacy and security measures to know requirements for compliance;
Secure the areas where we hold hard copies of information we collect online;
Perform regular backups of the information we collect online to insure against loss;
Use technical controls to secure the information we collect online including, but not limited to:
Secure Socket Layer (SSL);
Password Protection;
Periodically testing security procedures to ensure personnel and technical compliance; and,
Employing external access safeguards to identify and prevent unauthorized attempts of an outside security breach.
Tampering with the Kane County Circuit Clerk website is against the law. Depending upon the offense, it is punishable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1996, and amended in 2001 by the USA PATRIOT Act, and in 2008 by the Identity Theft Enforcement and Restitution Act, and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act. Unauthorized attempts to modify any information stored on this system, to defeat or circumvent security features, or to utilize this system for other than the intended purpose are prohibited and may result in criminal prosecution.