​Bond Money / Refunds

A person who posts bond for someone else is known as a "Surety". When a Surety posts bond for an individual, they sign the bail bond which states that money may be ordered by the court to be applied to fines and costs. A Surety may not always be entitled to a refund in this case. If the case has a disposition and you feel that your bond money should be refunded, contact our office at 630-232-3413 to have the information on file reviewed. ​After an order is entered to release bond money, it usually takes ten (10) business days to generate the refund check. All checks are mailed. Make sure that our office has the correct address on file.

The priority for a refund of bonds is established in General Order 90-26. Attorney refunds will be made after the ordered fine and fee priorities have been deducted. If there is a Surety depositing bond on behalf of a defendant, a Surety release form is required before the return can be processed. Allow up to two weeks for receipt of bond refund.