​​​​​​​​​​Court Orders

In the Matter of Amending and Superseding General Orders 20-07, 20-14, 20-18, 20-22, 20-29, 20-30, 21-01, 21-02, 21-04, 21-06, 21-11, 21-12 and 21-18 COVID-19 Emergency Measures Impacting Court Operations
In the Matter of Case Type and Number for Order of Protection, Stalking No Contact, Firearms Restraining Order, Civil No Contact Order
In the Matter of Local Court Rule Article 11: Mandatory Arbitration Amending and Superseding General Orders 95-05, 95-11, 96-22, 03-08, and 06-06
In the Matter of Amending and Superseding General Order 20-21 and 21-11 COVID-19 Requirement of Masks in All Courthouse Locations
In the Matter of Procedures for Electronic and In-Person Search Warrants Supplementing General Order 12-17
In the Matter of Juvenile Division Judicial Assignments

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Folder: Family Division
Folder: Juvenile Justice Division
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