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​​​​​​​​How to get started with eFiling in Illinois

eFiling involves three entities:
  1. EFM – Electronic Filing Management System.
    ​The Illinois Supreme Court has selected eFileIL (Tyler Technologies) to be the EFM for the State.

  2. EFSP – Electronic Filing System Providers.
    You as a filer have a choice in which of the certified EFSP's to use. Currently, there are 9 different approved vendors. These EFSP vendors are all integrated with the EFM. This means that you use the EFSP to file a document, the document goes to the EFM which then queues the document for filing with the Circuit Clerk's Office. 

  3. ​The County Circuit Court Clerk.
    ​In Kane County, the EFM is integrated with the Court Case Management System. The Circuit Clerk receives filings from the EFM in a queue in order to accept or reject the filings. When accepted or rejected the EFM sends the document back to your EFSP provider. County Circuit Court Clerks have no relationship or connectivity to the EFSPs.   


Go to ht​tp://efile.illinoiscourts.gov for information about electronic filings. 

Under the Service Provider link (upper right corner) you will get a listing of currently approved providers. You may want to click the link to see the comparison chart for what each provides to the end users. Or click on the link that is shown under each of the providers. These links will take you to information about each of the services as well as training materials, videos and tutorials. 

Each of the providers have step by step videos or tutorials to assist you in filing documents as well as their FAQ, online Help or training materials/articles. They also have different support available if you need assistance, whether from calling or online chat. They are there to assist you.

Once you are registered with eFileIL your user name and password is able to be used by all of the providers. You can choose one or many of them depending on what your case by case needs are.

Review the Supreme Court Rule M.R. 18368 in regards to the eFiling guidelines. (Also found as a link on the efile.illinois.gov​ website)

Review the Kane County Local Rules in regards to eFiling. (General Order 17-15 found on Circuit Clerk's http://www.cic.co.kane.il.us/ under General Orders or from the Local Rules (Article 2A) on the Chief Judge's website http://www.illinois16thjudicialcircuit.org/​).

Check the Circuit Clerk's website frequently for Tips for Successful eFiling​ in Kane County. This is what will be used for a communication tool to​ the end users regarding local processes. It contains responses from questions from end users and clarification of processes that staff thought could be helpful. 

Now, you are ready to sign in and start eFiling!

Current Certified Service Providers (EFSP)as of 08/31/201​8