​​​Online Court Records

You may view court cases on our website by clicking on the eServices icon on the Home page, and then on Search Court Records. Our system is a party name based system, names must be spelled exactly as our system displays it.

You may look up a case in Smart Search by name or with a case number.  All case number searches require a 4 digit century, the case type and the remaining numbers, example 2024MR3.  For name searches, put in last name, first name.

**Note - Case Management system is party based; therefore, names not spelled exactly as they are in our system will not appear. **

Our office has many of our forms online as well as those approved by the State. If you are looking for a specific form and are not finding within our forms or the State Standardized forms, email Technical Support and we will look into the possibility of getting it put online. Please note that there is not a form for every situation, some forms have to be manually drafted. You may be able to seek guidance at the Kane County Law Library & Self Help Legal Center (https://www.kclawlibrary.org/) have link behind bolded.

For Civil cases, you may fill out a State Standardized form online, save as a PDF and efile them to our office. If using a Circuit Clerk form, you can fill it out online, print, scan and efile to our office. Efile for civil cases is mandatory. 

If you have an Exemption from Efiling for Good Cause form filed in your case, you may file documents in person at any of our satellite offices or our Main office located at 540 S Randall Rd in St Charles. You may also mail them to the main office address. Any fees due are to be paid upon filing. Our main office lobby has computers and scanners available for your use to efile.

For Criminal cases, you may fill them out online, print, scan and efile them to our office. You may also file in person or by mail. ​