​​​​​​​​​​​Tips for Successful E-Filing in Kane County

This page lists responses to end user questions or clarification of process that Circuit Clerk staff thought could be helpful.  

  • Make sure that your ARDC number is on file with the Kane County Circuit Clerk prior to your e-File submission. If you are not sure, fill out an Attorney Data form from our website under Attorney Registration. Once filled out, you may email it to circuitclerk@co.kane.il.us or fax it to 630-208-2172.
  • If you are the attorney for the plaintiff, there is no need for you to mark an attorney or Pro Se for the defendant; however, you need to attach attorney name to party being represented.

  • You should send ALL documents for a single case number in the same envelope for filing. Splitting them out into different envelopes may end in rejection of the document as several deputy clerks could be working the same case number (in different envelopes) at the same time and won't have all the information to accurately file.
  • When filing an appearance, make sure that you are marking the box by the party that you are representing to ensure that your appearance is reflected correctly in the Case Management System.
  • Attachments and Exhibits are to be scanned behind the motion that addresses them and are NOT to be sent in separately.
  • Documents that have a full heading (parties' names and a case number) should not be filed behind another document, as this appears that the document should be 2 separately filed stamped documents and will be rejected for separation by clerk staff. For example, if you have an Affidavit or Service that is a part of another document; please do not put a full header on it. When you cannot find the type of document you are filing in the list you choose from, use "Other Document - Not Listed."
  • Prior to filing, make sure your documents are not upside down, blank, or have bled through to the other side of the document. If you are including separator pages, they need to be marked as such.
  • Summons that are not marked Box B, must be scheduled prior to submission by calling the Circuit Clerk's office at 630-232-3413.
  • We have a separate queue for all filings related to Publications, Appeals and Report of Proceedings for Appeals.  ​Using the appropriate codes of Appeals, Notice of Appeal, Publications and Reports of Proceedings – Appeal will assist in getting them to the correct queue for filing.
  • Do not attach previously filed documents to a filing; instead reference the document and the date it was filed in the document you are preparing. 
  • If your envelope is REJECTED for any reason, you need to use the “COPY Envelope" feature to ensure that you get the original date of submission for your filing, unless it does not matter. Without using the copy feature, the filing will be filed on the date that the new envelope is received and treated as a new filing unless, otherwise noted.
  • When filing on a case that has been Consolidated, always use the LEAD case number only.

  • On the first page of any document please leave a 2 x 2 box at the upper right hand corner beneath the header for the clerk to affix the file stamp without obstructing the text on the document.​

  • When doing a search for a case number for your filing and you get a returned message of “no case found" and your original search was using a four (4) digit year i.e. 2003. Try the case number search using a two (2) character year i.e. 03.​

  • Make sure the case number is on the 1st page of the document when e-filing subsequent documents.

  • For any filings where there isn't enough space left at the bottom of the document for the Clerk's stamps such as the CMC stamp, this information will be provided on the last page of the document.

  • When filing an Affidavit of Service, that document should be 1st with the document that was served behind it. 
    Example: Affidavit of Service and Summons.  
    The Summons was previously issued and may have a file stamp on it. ​The main document being filed is the Affidavit of Service and that should be on top so that the Clerk can affix the file stamp.  It otherwise looks like the summons is what is filed and the Affidavit of Service is behind with a new file stamp date.​

Is the Circuit Clerk's office putting together a training webinar?
No, each of the providers have training videos or tutorials specific to their application. They also have documentation available as well as support. ​
Is there a time frame for approval of electronically filed documents?
​We are currently in a transition period. We are broadening our training of our civil clerks. In this transition period we also have paper documents coming in over the counter and through the mail. We currently are working the oldest received first – not dependent on how it was received. We are expecting the delays to significantly decrease within the following month.​​
When filing a probate case, what do you do with the Will?
Wills are exempt from eFiling. You would file the Will at one of the Circuit Clerk's offices and obtain a certified copy of the Will. Then file the probate case via eFileIL with your copy of your Will as part of your petition.​
How does scheduling get done for a Motion Call?
Scheduling of court dates are still being done as in the past. Call the Circuit Clerk's Office at (630) 232-3413 for court date prior to eFiling the documents.
How do I waive fees for a filing?
You must go into the account set up where you provided information to pay filing fees by credit card or e-check.  You will set up a new payment method of waive.  Once that has been set up you will then have the option of selecting the “waive” method when e-filing a document.
How do I resubmit my case while keeping the original filing date?
If your filing was returned and you need to resubmit with the original filing date you have the ability to copy your envelope no matter which vendor you used – all you do is sign into EFILEIL (see our website for Link) Your sign on and password can be used for all vendors.  Once signed in your returned envelope will be there.  Click ACTIONS and then click COPY ENVELOPE.  That original submission date will be retained at the Clerk level.
What if I don’t have the internet or a computer in my home?  Getting to a public terminal poses a financial or other hardship.  How can I file my documents with the court?
There is a form approved by the Illinois Supreme Court called Certification For Exemption From E-Filing which you can get from the Circuit Clerk when you go file your documents conventionally.
I am a self-represented litigant e-filing documents with the Court.  What payment options do I have?
You must use a credit card, debit card or electronic check option for payment.  If you do not have a credit card you may want to go to a convenience store such as Walgreens, Walmart, Target and purchase a prepaid card which is the same as using a credit card.
Is cash an option for payment to e-file?
Cash is only accepted in person at the Circuit Clerk’s or satellite offices when filing documents conventionally.