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540 South Randall Road
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Clerk of the Circuit Court
540 S. Randall Rd.
St. Charles, IL 60174

Main Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Judicial Center Satellite Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 12:00, 1:00 - 4:30pm
(Closed for one hour at lunch)

Courthouse Satellite Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30am-4:30pm
(Opened during lunch)


​Automated Phone Service​

Phone 630-232-3413

​Research and Photocopy Requests/Copies of Documents

Fax 630-208-2172

Due to high volume, your request will be processed in the order it was received. 

Criminal- Traffic (TR), Ordinance Violations (OV), DUI (DT), Misdemeanor (CM) and Felony (CF), Contempt of Court (CC) Conservation Violations (CV), Juvenile Delinquent (JD)

Fax 630-208-3306

Emails will be responded to within 2 business days.

Civil- Small Claims (SC), Chancery (CH), Law (L), Law Medium (LM), Arbitration (AR), Probate (P), Wills (WI), Tax (TX), and Miscellaneous Remedy (MR), Eminent Domain (ED), Mental Health (MH) Municipal Corp. (MC), Foreclosures, Evictions, Judgments
​Divorce (D), Child Support, Family matters (F), Order of Protection (OP), Juvenile (J) and Adoptions (AD), Juvenile Adoption (JA)

Fax 630-232-3419

Emails will be responded to within 2 business days.​​

Record Support - Exhibits, Appeals & Transfers ​


Fax 630-208-2172

Emails will be responded to within 2 business days.

​Technical Assistance
(Website, Forms, Links)

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