​​​​Filing New Cases

For manual/conventional filing of new civil cases, along with the filing of an Exemption from eFiling for Good Cause form, you should follow Local Rule Article 2 (2.02), which sets out the standard format and requirements for forms and documents filed with the Circuit Clerk's office. All fees that are due are to be included, unless an Application for Fee Waiver is filled out and attached (requires seeing a judge for the court's approval or denial).

For Electronic filing of new civil cases, you should follow Local Rule Article 2A (2A.01-2A.14).  For the Service Providers for eFiling, click on Electronic Case Filing. You may choose any Service Provider that will fit your needs. Our website also has Tips for Successful eFiling, which you can use as a guide when sending in documents for eFiling. ​

Also available for Pro Se parties (Self Represented Litigants) are eFile Tips for Self Represented Litigants

All applicable fees are to be included when filing manually or eFiling. Fee lists are available at the Clerk's office or by downloading the Civil Fee menu​.​